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In the meantime, some Hohenheim lore:


Experimenting with sound and instrumentation is my way of the samurai.

Most of the instruments of the BLAME! OST were recorded in a large, empty warehouse. This was done to make the listener *feel* the vast, dark, and dystopian spaces of The City.

The lead instrument used for "I'll keep hunting you" is a bağlama, the most commonly used folk instrument in Turkey.


I occassionally do music for popular YouTubers like Solar Sands and Clark Elieson.


Drawing upon my other expertise as a historian, philosopher, writer, and researcher, I look to things beyond the boundaries of music to make music.

By exploring diverse fields through curiosity, I attempt to overcome contemporary trends and tropes with regards to how films and games make us feel things.

Collaborations are key to that. Each client's unique lens enriches that process even further.